Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giving and Receiving

Currently, there are 2 gifts under our tree. And I didn't put them there.  This guy did.  This is my Zac.  He's his own little dude.  So much so that I used to call him El Diablo - ED for short.

Zac is his daddy in a lot of ways but in one big way, he's me.  He's a 'stuff' kid.  He likes to buy stuff. It doesn't matter what it is, he just wants to buy something.  All. The. Time.

Imagine my surprise when he asked for gift wrapping supplies.  He boxed and wrapped these gifts himself.  They are his belongings that he wants to share with his little brother and his parents.  (We are still working on having a kind heart towards big brother ;)

He brought tears to my eyes with his generous spirit!  I love to give gifts.  I love to shop for other people (and myself, too ;).  I love to see their face light up when I give them the gift.  I'm not good at keeping secrets so we do our shopping close to Christmas.  I just love it!

Receiving gifts are a little different.  I do love to get them but I'm always a little embarrassed.  Especially when the gift seems extravagant or very thoughtful.  A shrink would probably tell you it has to do with a low self esteem or some crap like that. I don't know.  It's just hard for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a stuff girl.  I like get things and gifts,  it's just that I like being the one to find the perfect gift.  It's confusing to explain.

Over the last month, my family and I have been the recipients of some extremely thoughtful and extravagant gifts. Some were not gifts.  Some were things we desperately needed but did not want to ask for.   It was hard to accept these gifts.   At one point, we had to decided not to accept one of them.  Then I thought about giving the perfect gift. What if someone refused the gift I had worked hard to provide?  I'd feel terrible.  So we accepted.  And now we are so glad we did.

Christmas is a season to give and receive all sorts of gifts.  But most of all it's about accepting the gift God sent to all of us - his son.  I'm so thankful to enter this season with a new outlook on giving and receiving gifts!

After I took the picture above, Zac asked could he do one "his way".  This is the pose he wanted.  I told you, he's his own dude.

I know you can't see it but the he wrote this on the blue package: "From Zac To Ryan and Aimee".  It totally cracked me up that he didn't write "To Mom and Dad".  I think it's a baby picture of himself from his room.  I can't wait until Christmas morning to find out!