Monday, May 23, 2011

Out of the Cave

I woke up last Friday and felt like I was walking out of a cave.  It may have been that I finished this Spring's librarian courses.  It may have been that school's almost out.  It may have been a million things but I'm glad it happened. The Spring has been a tad rough but, as always, filled with blessings.  Here's a recap.

Here we are at Easter.  Almost everyone looks great so that's a WIN! Brennan looks cute, just not at the camera.

RYAN - is back at Pep Boys!  It's totally a GOD thing to bring him back to the place that laid him off 2 years ago. He's back doing what he enjoys and what he's good at!

SAM - has idiot parents who allowed him to be signed up for 3 sports at once this Spring.  NEVER AGAIN.  He's exhausted. We're exhausted.  I've forgotten how to cook a proper dinner.   Right now, he's anxiously awaiting his state testing scores and his trip to NASA this Friday.

ZAC - may have found his sport - Soccer. I didn't have to drag him or bribe him or threaten bodily harm to get him any game or practice. That's what Momma calls a WIN. He's also obsessed with LEGO.  He builds the most amazing things. 

BRENNAN - as usual, Brennan remains a mystery.  We know that he has no hearing loss (thank you sedated hearing test for that info, I think).  He's been healthier this Spring than in the past.  And he's speaking more.  He repeats a lot but sometimes he'll bust out a clear sentence on ya. Like this morning he told my mom to "stop that this minute" (actually "ninute" he doesn't say m sounds) when she started signing to him. He does not like signing - preschool's gonna be a blast.

ME - this Spring was busy and distressing to me.  I took two more librarian classes (only 2 more to go in the Fall!) that kept me busy.  I didn't read much and I didn't write at all.  That's the distressing part.  I didn't even attempt to write.  Do I still remember how or has that gone the way of dinner prep?

Not matter what, I'm still outnumbered and loving every minute of it.