Thursday, January 24, 2019


I've listened to Louie Giglio's audiobook, The Air I Breathe. It's all about worship.  Worship as our response to God, not just worship music.  Right off the bat, Louie knocked me back.  He reminds us that God made us to worship.  It's an engrained part of who we are.  We are going to worship something if we don't worship God.  Ever since I listened to that, I've tried to be very aware of who and what I'm worshipping if I'm not worshipping God.

My favorite way to worship/kind of worship is singing.  I am not great or even good singer.  But I'm counting on Psalm 100 - make a joyful noise unto the LORD.  Did you get that, it didn't say "sing a good song" "be on key for the LORD".   So, sorry if you sit near me at church, I'm gonna be busy making my joyful noice unto the LORD.

I usually close my eyes while I sing, if I know the words.  I do this so I can focus.  If I don't close my eyes I'm looking at everyone else.  Who's coming in late? Who's holding up their hands? What's the band doing?

I find that God really stirs my heart when I'm tuned in and singing worship songs.  I'm a bawl bag so I generally end up crying during worship.  Closing my eyes helps me control that a bit.

If I'm honest, I sometimes have a hard time getting in the zone during Sunday morning worship. There are two scenarios during worship. One is that my special needs ministry class is meeting.  Two is that B is with us in service.  During #1 I might be thinking about the kids and volunteers in the room right now.  I totally trust my team but sometimes they need me.  During #2 I feel like I need to keep one eye open so I can make sure B stays with us or doesn't interrupt someone else's worship experience.

This weekend I'm going to the You Are Conference in College Station.  It's a women's conference that I first went to last year.  I'm so excited to worship at You Are, to get in the zone. 

What's your favorite way to worship?  How do you get in the zone?

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


I'm a doer.  I love to have a project. Every morning I make a to do list and it gives me endless satisfaction to mark things off my to do list. And yes, I do write things down that I've already done so I can mark them off.

The dark side of this project mentality is that I'm not so great at long term changes.  I want to work really hard, achieve something and be done.  As I said to Ryan the other day, "I ate right all day and I worked out. I'm done now, right?"

One of my love languages is words of encouragement. I like it when people know I'm working on something hard so they can encourage me.

Ryan and the boys are also working on some long term goals.  Honestly, I get so wrapped up in what I'm trying to accomplish that I forget to check in on them.  Without anyone to check on us or help hold us accountable we may drop our goals when things get too tough.

What to do? What to do? I really want to stay on track with my goals and the boys are very serious about theirs. I pulled into my teacher brain and remembered the tracking chart!

I got this one at Mardel's for $1.99 and it's good for 2 weeks.  I put it on our laundry room door which is right by the door out of the house.  So everybody sees it and everybody knows what's going on.  What I've learned so far is that some of us are gold star getters and some are not. It's just our first two weeks so we'll keep going and see if it helps.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Loving it!

Happy Tuesday friends! If you have a short week this week, I hope it goes well. Short weeks always tend to be crazy because you're trying to cramp 5 days worth of stuff into 4 days.  This year I'm working on being more positive so today I want to share 5 things with you that I am loving. 

1. Our morning routine - it's football offseason so the boys are back to their early morning workouts.  I am super proud of them for getting moving that early and being so dedicated to it.  I really love that I don't have to get up and badger them to get out of bed.  Sam gets up and gets moving then he gets Zac moving.  I still get up, make coffee, do my Bible study, clean the kitchen then go take a little 20 minute nap.  It's awesome!

2. Speaking of Bible study, I'm reading Exodus again.  Oh my gosh, it is just my most favorite book of the Bible.  So many lessons to learn.  And such reassurance that no matter how much I mess up, God is going to come after me again and again.

3.  Our Special Needs Ministry, Valuable - I am so thankful that I get to lead this ministry at our church.  Leading a ministry is not always sunshine and roses.  Leading anything involving other flawed humans is not always sunshine and roses.  But right now, things are clicking and running smoothly.  We had a family fellowship luncheon on Sunday. It was such a blessing to see how much the ministry has grown and to see the families visit. 

4. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief lotion - actually the lotion, the body wash and hand soap.  It smells so awesome.  I don't know if it actually relieves my stress but it smells so great.  I was so excited when one of my students brought me the foaming hand soap for Christmas.  {heart eyes emoji}

5. Coloring - I've written about how relaxing coloring is for me.  Lately, I've been coloring more and more.  I love my Color Happy subscription and my coloring books from Rad and Happy.  I'm also loving my new Crayola SuperTip markers. I had the 20 marker set but a couple of weeks ago, I splurged and bought the 100 marker set. I was not super excited when I first opened them because the markers didn't match up with the dots on the top.  The dots on the top are supposed to tell you where to put the marker.  I tweeted Crayola and they did not seem to care.  I put them in color family order yesterday on my day off and I was instantly relieved. 

So, there they are - the 5 things that I am loving right now.  What are you loving right now?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dealing with Upset

Yesterday I was angry.  Actually, I wasn't exactly angry, I was upset.  Or maybe it was righteous indignation.  I don't know how to label it exactly. 

Someone I really like caused a problem through a clerical error. It definitely wasn't intentional.  The consequences of the problem just kept rippling, causing more and more problems.  I was responsible for fixing the problem.  The more ripples, the more upset I became.  I didn't like it but I wasn't sure what to do about it.

First, I made sure that the people who needed to know, knew about the problem.  By which I mean the people who could help me fix it, not the entire population and everyone I came into contact with.  I wanted to go around being screaming mad but I tried to control that.  You know that wasn't easy for me.   

Next, I set about fixing the problem.  This is my strong suit. I can make a plan and follow through like nobody's business. 

I also asked for help when I needed it and made sure to express my appreciation for those who were helping me. 

And yet, the upset persisted.  My head and my stomach ached.  I began praying.  I prayed for forgiveness for my anger or upset or righteous indignation or whatever.  I forgave the person who'd caused the problem.  I reached out and asked a friend to pray for me as well.  I needed to fight this emotion. 

Finally, my upset subsided but I felt down.  I scrolled through Twitter and came on this tweet. 

Isn't GOD awesome? He can use a total stranger to minister to us. 

I was able to finish solving the problem and ended the day not feeling angry or upset or righteously indignant.  Mostly I just felt relieved and tired and thankful.