Sunday, October 31, 2021

Esther, Week 4


Esther is appointed Queen this week! The King loves her more than all the others.  He holds another banquet in her honor. Mordecai discovers a plan to kill the King and reveals it to Esther. Esther told the King in Mordecai's name - meaning that the King knows it was Mordecai that saved him. 

This week we also learned that Haman has been promoted and that people are to bow to him and pay homage to him. Mordecai refuses to do so. Haman is so enraged that he decides to kill not just Mordecai but all his people. The Jewish people. The people of the new Queen. 

Again this week we are seeing the impeccable character of both Esther and Mordecai. They both showed great integrity this week.  In them, we can learn to live a life of integrity as well. 

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Esther, Week 3



Last week, we did finally meet Esther! But before we did, we were reminder that King Ahasuerus is easily manipulated by his attendants. Last week, they convinced him to throw Vashti out and make a law that husbands are in charge of their wives. At the start of chapter 2, the King 'remembers' what he did to Vashti. The connotation here is that he might be regretting his decision. Quickly, his attendants devise a plan to get a new queen. They are likely trying to move the King on to a new things and protect themselves. They surely would have died if Vashti had been able to return.  

Then we meet Esther and Mordecai. We find out that Esther is an orphan who has been taking in by Mordecai. The Bible says Esther was the daughter of Mordecai's uncle. He loves her as if she were his daughter. And we learn that Esther is beautiful. She is taken the palace to participate in the queen competition. Maybe think Bachelor? Hegai is in charge of all the women and Esther finds favor with him. Esther conceals the fact that she's Jewish at Mordecai's instruction.  

After a year, it's Esther's turn to see the King. She is permitted to take things with her but Hegai advises her what to take and she does as he says. We also learn that once Esther goes before the King that she can not go back unless he asks for her by name. 

Here's what we've learned about these people:

King Ahasuerus - easily manipulated and distracted; enjoys beautiful women

Mordecai - loving, loyal and smart

Esther - beautiful, personable, follows directions

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Esther, Week 2


We do not meet Esther in the first chapter of Esther. Instead we meet King Ahasuerus and Queen Vashti. The King has had a party and is drunk. He calls for Queen Vashti to come before him and the other men. He does not want her to come chat with them. He wants her to wear her crown and show off her beauty.  And probably do some lewd things but we don't really know that. Queen Vashti refuses (go girl!). The King's advisors keep him riled up about it. They tell the King that if people find out what Vashti did all the women will disrespect their husbands. They urge the King to make a royal order that there is now a law that can not be repealed that Queen Vashti be banished. The order went to every part of the kingdom and included that "every man be the master in his own household and speak according to the language of his people." The language of the woman would not even be spoken. 

So, right off the bat, I'm riled up.  These advisors are not leading the King well and he's being carried along with them. I'm proud that Queen Vashti was able to stand up for herself. I would love to know what happens to her. I'd like to think she leaves the area and is happy elsewhere but that doesn't seem to really happen in the Old Testament. 

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Esther, Week 1

 I hope y'all enjoyed the study of Colossians as much as I did! I'm excited to start studying Esther!

Here's an overview of Esther

Because Esther is a story, a narrative, there wouldn't be many days where we can read a verse and directly apply it to our lives like in Colossians.  Instead we want to look at character. We'll look for God's character in the 'coincidences' and happenings. We'll look at what we can learn from Esther and Mordecia's characters.  What I love the most about Esther is how God is always at work and his loving kindness to allow us to be a part of His plan. 

Here's our plan for this week

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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Colossians, Week 5

 Week 4 Recap

Paul instructed the Christians at Colossae to let the peace of God rule their hearts. He told them to do all things, words and deeds, in the name of God. Paul also gave some instructions on family relations - they should treat each other with respect. Finally, he instructed them to work as if for God and not for people. He also warned them that they might not have earthly rewards but their rewards will be in heaven. 

The problem with letting the peace of God rule our hearts is our need to control. We want to tell God what to do and when to do it and then we'll be at peace.  But true peace comes with letting God be in control. If we want to be imitators of Jesus in our words and our deeds, we have to be seeking Him and letting Him change our heart. When our heart is changed, our relationships change, especially our family relationships. Love and respect rule the day.  Paul's instruction to do all things as if you are doing them for Jesus. This changes our perspective on everything. Everything becomes an offering to Jesus. 

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