Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can you smell it?

Take a deep breath.  Through your nose.  Ohhh, what's the delicious smell?  It smells like Coppertone, crispy marshmallows, popsicles, and chlorine.

It's summertime!

Well, almost.  We still have 7 days of school left.  But they are filled with celebrations and awards and general fun stuff (until the end when I'll give end of year finals to my tech aps kiddos).

It's harder and harder to get the boys out of bed in the morning.  I keep thinking only 7 more times.  They are excited about staying up late and sleeping in.

We went to our neighborhood pool for the first time this year on Saturday.  I really enjoyed it.  Ryan and the big boys played in the pool.  Brennan and I hung out in the baby pool.  Brennan is all over the place so it's hard to keep up with him but so much fun.

Ryan gave the boys their summer hair cut last night.  Zac went for a full buzz.  Sam left some hair on the top with a buzz on the side.  Sam will get his annual mohawk/fauxhawk next Friday in honor of the last day of school.

We have our Texas Rangers tickets lined up.  We are staying close to home with summer. I'm teaching summer school.  We'll be busy but not as busy as usual.

I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Have a great summer Aimee!