Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Huffaker Project

Last week, the world lost an outstanding educator and all-around awesome man - Mack Huffaker.  Mr. Huffaker was my high school economics teacher.  I have no idea what he taught me about economics.  However, I know what he taught me about being a better person and teacher.  He always had a smile. And most often, a goofy joke.  He could whistle like a freight train.  And he was full of school spirit.

Unfortunately, I never bothered to tell Mr. Huffaker any of that.  I went to visitation at the funeral home and told his widow.  It may have comforted her.  I can tell you from experience, that you hardly remember what people actually say at the funeral home but you remember them being there and feeling comforted by the words.  I also ran into several of my former teachers at the funeral home.  Several of them were pleased to know that I am now a teacher. One said, "I saw that in a bubble over your head your whole life."  When I left I thought, I hope I have that kind of impact on my students.  I should tell my former teachers what they mean to me. 

And so was born The Huffaker Project - dun dun dunnn!  I'm going to make a list of teachers who positively impacted my life, hand write them a note or letter and mail them. 

Here's my starter list:
Bobbie Gournay - first grade - she loved me unconditionally and accepted all my goofy gifts
Patsy Lamb - third grade (I think) - she encouraged my love of reading. She had a clawfoot tub you could read in
Nancy Taylor - middle school - drama teacher, need I say more?
Coach Lokey - high school - lived out a Christian life in public and lived it well
Steve Hardin - not a school teacher but a youth pastor - taught me you could be goofy and funny without putting people down
I'm sure there are more but those four popped right into my head. I'm going to get my yearbooks out and really make a list.

Hit me up in the comments if you want to join me in the Huffaker Project!

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brooke said...

I was googling Bobbie Gournay, who was also my 1st grade teacher. I know she must have touched every one of her students in a great way. She was the best!