Friday, February 1, 2013

I AM a Kappa Delta

20 years ago this month, a young stupid girl made a decision that changed the course of her life.

I can hardly believe it's been so long since I pledged Kappa Delta. My time at ET within the walls of Kappa Delta were wonderful. I had a lot of good times. Just as it is not the building that makes a church, a sorority is made by her members. And good gracious, we had wonderful girls.

I could fill a million posts with funny stories from the good ol days. But we're all older and (hopefully) wiser and I wouldn't embarrass anyone. And this isn't a post about college life. This is a post about real life.

After college people scatter. I left Commerce for College Station. Girls marry, start new careers and families. It's hard to keep up with everyone.

And that's a tough transition. I've struggled with making new adult friends. I judged all friends by my sorority sisters. It's hard to balance family, career, old friends and new friends. Time passes and time together becomes harder and harder to come by.

This past week I have learned a great many things but mostly I've learned that time and distance hasn't destroyed the bonds of sisterhood. One of our sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer this week.

I have had the distinct pleasure to watch a group of women I dearly love wrap her in love. And a cozy brobe. And in 5 short days collect enough money to replace some much needed kitchen appliances. And all anyone is asking is "what else can I do?" And "how is she feeling?"

So today, 20 years in, I am proud to say I AM A KAPPA DELTA!

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