Thursday, December 14, 2017

Finding Your People

I've worked with middle schoolers for my entire career.  For 17 years I've watched kids struggle to find their place, their people.  I always feel bad for them because I know how that feels, to not know who you're people are.

As a girl, I lived in the same town my whole life.  I did have a little friendship issue before my senior year but I was about slide right into a new group.  In college I had my sorority sisters.  As a grown up, it's been a little more difficult.

I am so blessed to have found my people.  I am double blessed to have two groups of people.  And I got to spend time with both sets lately.  I got to spend the weekend with my sorority sisters and I got to eat dinner with our local friends.  Both were so good for my soul.  Lots of laughing.  So, so much laughing.

Here's the deal, the world is full of broken people.  We're all broken.  Some people can't handle your kind of brokenness and you can't handle theirs.  You might be a generous person.  They might be too broken to receive your generosity.  They may think you want something in return.  They may hoard it and try to keep you from being generous to others.  These are not your people. Your people wouldn’t use you. Your people wouldn’t keep you from loving others.

The key is find the broken people who fit with your kind of broken.  That way, you each give what the other needs and receive it with an open heart. Your people love you the way you are while pushing you to be better.

Take heart, it might take a while to find your people. You might have to try some people out and then find out they aren't your people.  It can be a painful discovery but it's better in the long run.  No one has a ton of free time, make sure you spend it with people who love you for yourself and who make you laugh.  For me, the laughter is the key to knowing your people. When you can laugh together you can love each other.

I hope you find your people! I'm so thankful for mine!

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