Sunday, November 21, 2021

Esther, Week 7


Last week, Esther caught the King's eye and invited him and Haman to a banquet. They drink wine and the King asked Esther what she wanted.  He offered up to half the kingdom.  All Esther requested was for the King and Haman to come to another banquet. 

Haman leaves the banquet feeling pretty good. He feels important to be asked to not one but two banquets of the Queen. One his way home, he passes Mordecai who again refuses to bow to Haman. So Haman goes home enraged. And, like so many of us, he gathers his friends and family to vent to them. He brags about the banquets and complains about Mordecai. Everything is going great but the sight of Mordecai ruins everything. His wife and friends recommend that he have a 75 foot gallows built so he can hang Mordecai.  Keep in mind that there is already a law that will annihilate, kill and destroy the Jews soon. 

Oh how many times have I done this? Everything is going great but 1 bad thing happens and the day is ruined. Haman reminds us to not let the negatives overtake the positives. 

This week, the story will start moving fast. Get ready!

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