Sunday, November 28, 2021

Esther, Week 8

This is week 8, we've got one more week after this one. Thanks for hanging in there with this study!


This week all happened between Esther's first and second banquets. The King can't sleep so he has the scrolls read aloud to him. He's reminded that Mordecai had saved his life and that nothing had been done to honor Mordecai for it. 

The next morning the King asks Haman how such a man should be honored. Haman thinks the King wants to honor him so he really lays it on thick! The man should be given some clothes the King has worn, be placed on a horse, paraded through the city while someone calls out "This is what the king does for the man he really wants to honor!" 

Then the King makes Haman do all these things for Mordecia! At this point, even Haman's wife says he can't win. Haman will fall to Mordecai. 

Queen Esther had the finally word last week. She asks the King to spare her life and her people. And she identifies Haman as the evil one who has it in for the for Jewish people!  

This week we'll see how the King responds and what will happen to Haman and the Jewish people!

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