Monday, February 15, 2010

Mardi Gras 5K

If you have been following the blog, my facebook or twitter feed, you know I've been training for a 5K.  I'm kinda out there with my information...Saturday was the day. 

I went to Austin last week for a technology teacher's conference.  Which meant that my last training run was out of my usual routine.  I had promised Ryan that I would run on the treadmill inside the hotel.  But I just couldn't do it.  I tried for 10 minutes but I couldn't get into a groove. So, outside I went.  I had a map from the hotel and had let my fellow teachers know I was going.  It was a great run that included a huge hill.  But, I discovered that I went right instead of left out of the hotel so I ended up running much further than I had inteneded.  But I was ok with that.

My fab-o sister in law, Laura had graciously offered to run the race with me.  She runs half marathons so she was really bringing it down to support me.  She picked up the race packets while I was in Austin and came over Friday night with a surprise.  A hot pink (one of my favorite colors) Under Armour (my favorite brand) shirt that said RUN.  How sweet!

Saturday morning came and I was excited that the race started later because Ryan and I had stayed up watching the Olympics.  I got all geared up and was ready to go.  It was 35 degreees out but I was cool with that. I had run the day after Christmas when it was 27 degrees out. 

Here's Laura and I before the race.   We only had to stand around for a little while before the race started.  I felt good. I had been concerened that I'd be too nervous but I was ok.  I had my music going, I was good to go.  I'm not yet at the point where I can talk and run so it was pretty quiet. 

The turn around was up a big hill - which I generally don't run.  There are no hills in my neighborhood.  But when I made the turn, I was feeling good.  Then the lead legs hit.  I really wanted to walk but I fought through.  I kept fighting.  Going down that hill felt GREAT!  And I even got hot (something that never happens) and had to take off my hat, gloves and jacket. 

Laura was there to encourage me the entire way.  She even warned me when the photographer was coming up.  I can't wait to see the picture.  Ryan, Brennan, and Zac were at the last corner before the finish line to cheer me in, along with my brother in law Ronnie and nephew Max.  I cried when I saw them.  Zac jumped into the fray and ran across the finish line behind us. I was so focused and a little out of it that I didn't notice.  Sam, Tripp, Alli and my mother in law Carolyn were waiting at the finish line.  Here's Brenno all bundled in his stroller.  He was not loving it. 

I did feel weird afterwards.  I was a little swimmy headed.  Sort of drunk feeling.  And I had to use the bathroom BAD.  But I had met my goal and I felt great about that.  I didn't die - which was my first goal.  And I didn't walk - which was my second goal.  And my goal during the race was to try to look like I was having fun.  It's weird to see so many people looking pained as the run.  Why do they do it if they aren't having fun?

Up next?  Dash Down Greenville on Saturday, March 13.  See you there!

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