Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dueling Banjos

I have dueling banjos going on in my head.  In case you don't know about dueling banjos check this out:

I have been making good progress on my work-in-progress -  Caley.  I'm enjoying writing it and I hope someone (besides Ryan) enjoys reading it some day.

On Monday, I left work with a terrible headache and stomach ache.  I wouldn't really get into it but I felt run over with a Mac truck.  

So, I was laying in bed Monday trying not to die and watching DVR'ed Saturday Night Lives.  I LOVE SNL but I usually fast forward through the music guests.  But since I was sick, I just let it roll.  Enter the Ting Tings.

Since I'm a musical loser, I had never heard of the Ting Tings.  They seem to me to be a throw back to 80's punk.  And Ms. Ting Ting (of course I don't know her name, it's not important) was wearing this TOTALLY 80's get up.  It cracked me up.  And I thought, "What if she had a middle school kid?  Would that kid be excited or embarrassed right now?"

I decided the kid would be embarrassed and Todd was born.  Todd has a back story.  Todd has an opening scene.  But Todd does not have the conflict necessary to sustain a decent plot.  Bummer, Todd!

But the bugger keeps pestering me.  "Maybe I can have adventures with my mom.  Maybe I can be a series.  Come on, come on listen to me. All the cool kids are doing it."

Hence the dueling bangos.  Caley and Todd are duking it out.  So far, Caley's winning.  She has a plot - she wins.   But Todd's developing.  Now I just gotta go get a "Rock Star" spiral notebook for Todd.  (Caley already has a flowery girl spiral notebook. I'm old school that way.)  I'll keep writing down the bits that come to me and work Todd when Caley's all out.

What do you do when you're in the middle of a project and you hear the music?

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Laura Renegar said...

I like having more than one project open at a time. Sometimes I need to put one aside to "marinate." It's great to have something else I can work on so I don't force out story that isn't ready.