Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Yesterday I became the mother of 2 teenage boys.  How is this even possible?  Most days I feel about 12 years old.  Out of sorts, unsure, giggly.  How is it that God has entrusted me with these 3 boys? How is it that I've managed to guide them safely to the teenage years?  If I've done anything by the grace of God, it's raised these boys.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

Since Zac and Sam are older and creating their own digital footprint, I don't write about them too much.  I don't want to violate their privacy or embarrass them.  But for birthdays, all bets are off.  Just kidding.  I let Zac read and approve this.

Zac is a cool kid.  He's generally calm and quiet.  But his wit is sharp.  He and Sam go on vacation with my uncle every year and my uncle always makes them word games to play.  This year they were on the last game, the big money pay out game.  Everyone was struggling.  Zac declares, "I'm the Bernie Sanders of this game.  I have no hope of winning but I'm hanging in there. I wouldn't give up." What!?!  Where did that come from? We aren't a political family.  I don't recall discussing any of the candidates with Zac.  But there it is...

There are times when I think Zac is really a sloth in clothes.  He can sleep 20 out of 24 hours in a day. When getting ready for school, he's the last one out the door.  My nickname is Pokey Puppy.  He's a hard worker, though.  Once he's out of bed, he takes care of his business (generally =).

Zac is an ESPN addict.  He gets alerts on his phone.  He reads.  He knows all kinds of player stats.  He and Sam love to argue about GOATs (greatest of all time for those of you 30 and over).  Sam has to watch it because Zac will bust out some heavy duty stats on him in those arguments.

But my favorite thing about Zac is his loving heart.  I found he and Brennan on the floor of B's room the other night huddled over B's iPad.  Last Thursday, he and B orchestrated a family game night with the game Super Fight.  We usually play 1 on 1 but they had hatched a plan for a big family, winner take all face off at the end.  One Christmas he was sad we didn't have anything under the tree (I'm a last minute shopper because I can't stand to have presents for people, I want to give as soon as I get them!).  He wrapped up some of his things to put under the tree for his family.

He's not perfect.  But he loves the LORD, loves his family and is a hard worker.  What else could a momma ask for?

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