Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Engineering Design Process by B (videos)

B loves to create! Around Earth Day his class did a 'Trash to Treasure' project where they created things out of used materials.  This lit a fire in B.  He has been digging in our recycle bin for materials everyday since then.

The other day he wanted to make a race track with a shark tank in the middle of it.  It was the day before recycle pick up so we had plenty of materials.  He also found my stash of skewers so he was very excited to use those.

I worked with him and we created a track.  Then he started the test runs.

No success.  Undaunted, we made adjustments and tried again.

Still no success.  After I stopped videoing he said something interesting so I asked him to repeat it.

Did you catch that?  B man knows the design process.  I'm sure he watched something about it on YouTube.  He watched videos on the planets and what vitamins do in your body the other day and now has them committed to memory.

This is a kid who used to give up and throw a fit when something didn't work right the first time.  And now he has language to express what's happening.  They might not be his own words but they are words and they are used in the correct way.  And I am amazed.

Also, you're welcome for his awesome 'monster truck rally announcer' voice during the trials.

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