Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thank you TED-ED

B-man is obsessed with TED-ED.  He loves to watch the videos.  They are visually interesting and the information just sticks with him.

He learned about figurative language from TED-ED and taught it to the 7th graders at my school via video.

screen shot of TED-ED Hero's Journey video
One of his favorite video right now describes the hero's journey.  He used the information to help him write stories and work on stories for his video games he's planning.

But last Friday night, I got to use TED-ED to help him.  We went to see Moana, I wouldn't give away the story but suffice it to say Moana was in danger. The situation was bleak.  B-man was very upset.

Thanks to TED-ED, I was able to say "Remember the hero's journey?  What part is this?"

B perked up, "Oh this is a trial!"  He turned to his friend, "Don't worry, this is just a trial!"

Before learning about the hero's journey from TED-ED, B would not have had a context to relate to.  He definitely would not have had the words to help him understand. In the past, we might have had to leave the movie to calm down.  Believe me, we watched lots of movies until the trials!

But my favorite thing was what happened in the car after the movie.  B taught his friend and cousin the stages of the hero's journey and gave them examples from Moana.  It was amazing!

So, thank you TED-ED for giving my boy context and words. Thank you for stretching his mind.  Thank you for letting him learn what he wants when he wants.  Thank you for not caring that he's autistic or "just" in the 2nd grade.  Thanks for being open and accessible.

I am forever grateful.

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