Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Monday night was a big night in our home.  Our beloved Clemson Tigers were playing the Alabama Crimson Tide for the National Championship.  I cooked the boys' favorite - meatball sub and curly fries.  We all gathered around the TV to watch the rematch.  The game was long and it was a school night so after a while the boys and I drifted off to our rooms to sleep. Not Ryan, he is die hard.  Around 11:30, I think, I heard a scream so I jumped up and ran to the living room.  Ryan and Zac were jumping around, Clemson had just scored a last minute touchdown and were going to win the National Championship!

One of the reasons I love Clemson is Dabo Sweeney.  Obviously, he's a good football coach. You can't become the leader of a nationally ranked team without being a good coach.  He seems like a nice guy.  He also seems like a huge goober and I love a good goober! But I really loved what he said after the game.  He told a reporter that he told his players, "Let the light inside you shine brighter than the light that is on you.  Only GOD could do this!"

In that moment, at the height of his career, after achieving the thing he had longed for, Dabo Sweeney gave praise to God.  To me, that is the definition of humble.

C.S. Lewis defined humility as not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.  Dabo had demonstrated that.  He could have talked about all the hours they prepared or how talented his players are but he first gave credit to GOD.

GOD opposes the proud?  Then that's not where I want to be! I want to receive grace.  Grace is defined as undeserved favor.  That's what I want! I have not met a person yet who does not want grace.  Even people who claim to not believe in GOD want grace.

We receive GOD's grace when we accept His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Becoming saved is a once for all thing. When you accept Jesus as your savior, you receive GOD's gift of eternal life and you hold that gift forever.  But having a relationship with GOD is a decision you make daily.  I must daily decide to spend time getting to know the LORD by reading my Bible and praying.

Today, I want to think of myself less and think of GOD more.  I want to want what GOD wants more than what I want.  I want to be humble today.  LORD, show me how!

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