Wednesday, January 18, 2017


What's your weakness?  One of mine is peanut butter.  I have entire Pinterest boards devoted to peanut butter.  At least twice last week I woke up with a peanut butter covered spoon beside my bed.  I had eaten peanut butter in my sleep! Actually, I might be addicted to peanut butter.

My mouth is another weakness.  I don't have good control of my mouth.  If I trust you, I'll tell you exactly what I think.  Also, I may trust too many people.  I suspect this weakness has cost me a thing or two because hardly anyone really wants to know what I think.

Growing up, I learned all the words to Jesus Loves Me.  Including "I am weak but He is strong".  I understood this.  I'm a little human.  I'm not in control of anything.  GOD is the GOD of the universe.  He is in control of everything.  Super easy to distinguish.

Here's one I never really understood:

Here Paul is writing to the Corinthians about the thorn in his side that he had prayed for GOD to remove.  Three times Paul had pleaded with GOD to remove the thorn.  Verse 9 is GOD's response.  I understand grace.  Oh how I am thankful for grace!!  I love receiving GOD's undeserved favor.  It's how GOD's power is made perfect in weakness that confused me.

I committed to reading 4 books about disability and the Bible. One was not wonderful, I disagreed with the author's stance on disability.  The next was sooooo difficult to read that I put it down. The one I'm working on now has been difficult to read but easier than the first.  If you ever want to feel really dumb, read a book on theology.  Gracious!

Last night I was reading about this idea of weakness and I started to understand a little better.  When we are weak and surrender that weakness to GOD, He is able to show His strength.

So many times we want to muscle our way through weakness.  Get tough! Suck it up!  Push through!
What if we surrendered our weakness to the LORD?  How might He use our weakness to His glory? That's what I'm working on today.  Instead of muscling through, trying to correct my own weaknesses, I'm going to surrender them to the LORD.  Who knows what mighty work He'll do?  I can't wait to see!

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