Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Come to Me"

Yesterday, I wrote about feeling weary right now.  My main tool during these times is usually giving myself grace.  Honestly though, I'm not great at giving myself grace.  My next line of defense is scripture.  Today, let's talk about one of those scriptures.

In this section of scripture, Jesus is inviting people to salvation.  My study Bible calls it the great invitation.  Jesus is saying come receive salvation, learn from me and serve the LORD.

Jesus references a yoke in these verses.  A yoke is used to join two animals together to plow.  It invokes hard labor.  Yet, in these verses Jesus assures us that his yoke is light.  It should be our pleasure to do the work of the LORD.  It's not hard labor.

The awesome thing about this passage is that Jesus is inviting us into a relationship with him.  He's not telling us to do something on our own.  He wants us to do it together.  He wants us to both be under the same yoke.  He wants us to learn from him.  Jesus wants to give us his gentle spirit.  He wants us to have rest.

Although I accepted Jesus as my savior many (many!) years ago, I still need to be reminded to return to my relationship with Him.  Especially when I'm feeling weary.  Weary and overwhelmed usually go hand in hand for me.  I'm overwhelmed when I'm doing too much that's not important.  I'm not staying in my own lane.  In these verses, Jesus is calling me back to His lane.

If you're feeling weary, let me encourage you to come to or return to Jesus.  You might be thinking, "Aimee, did you miss the part where I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I can't add one more thing to my schedule."  You don't have to add an hour of Bible study today.  Add some praise music to your day.  Read some scripture when you wake up.  Pause to pray.

If you have never received Jesus as your savior, PLEASE contact me.  I'd love to answer your questions and pray with you.  Jesus wants nothing more than you!

Here are some resources to help....
My Shane & Shane playlist on Spotify
Proverbs 31's First Five app - designed to help you give your First Five minutes to the LORD every morning.
Echo Prayer app
- Add in some prayer requests and Echo will ping you to remind you to pray.

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