Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Friends, let's get honest here...who among us is NOT weary?

Everyone I know is.  The Spring is exhausting.  I think it's baseball season that does it to me.  The games aren't always at a set time and place.  It gets rained out a lot. Then we have tournaments all weekend and I can't get anything done at home or take a nap.

Also, spring in a school is over the top cray-cray!  We've got state mandated testing.  End of year performances.  Projects.  Planning for next year.  Field trips.  All. The. Things.

The crazier my calendar gets, the sleepier I get.  My bed is my retreat.  I want to crawl in and let the world fend for itself.  As glorious as that sounds, it's not realistic.  I have to get up and face the world with all it's craziness.

I do try to stick to my schedule during these crazy times.  I will be honest, I do sleep in more mornings and miss my Bible study and writing time.  I try to make it up during the day but that doesn't always happen either.

When I'm feeling this way, the main thing I try to do is to give myself some grace.  No one at my house expects super perfect super mom except me.  So, I try to dial it down a little.  More frozen food for dinner.  More dishes in the sink longer.

There are two verses I cling to during my weary times:

I'm going to talk about them Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Come on back!

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