Tuesday, November 21, 2017

By B - Update

A couple of weeks ago, B-man hacked my blog and wrote a blog filled with pictures and descriptions of himself.  Y'all loved it! And he loved creating the blog and how much y'all loved it.

B is not a fan of school.  He gets up and goes every day and I think he has a good time there. He FOR SURE loves his teachers.  And they are great teachers.  His support team is also awesome.  I want to be clear that B's dislike for school does not have to do with the people there.  His mind is just on other things.  He wants to start businesses, create video games and learn what he can on TED-ED.

He didn't want to go to school this year.  He wanted to start a bakery.  He also wanted to convince the small church by our schools to let him open the bakery there because "that's a great spot to get a cookie after school".

So, I'm always trying to sneak 3rd grade learning into the things he wants to do.  He can't be a 3rd grade dropout.  There are things he needs to learn to be successful.  Like writing and times tables and spelling.

I'm trying to teach him to type to make some of these things easier.  Handwriting is difficult for B.  And it's hard to read.  I thought typing would be perfect for him.

And what better way to practice typing than blogging!?!

I'm proud to present B's blog:  www.brennanthegreat.blogspot.com

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