Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Always Creating

One of the many things I love about B-man is that he is always creating.  He, like me, always has a notebook handy.  He loves to draw!  Last week came and asked me to order him some clay.  As usual, I put him off.  This is generally how I gauge his interest.  If he asks again, he really wants it.

Sunday afternoon my momma gave B $10.  About 5 minutes after she left, and I had laid down for a nap, B came to ask me to order the clay.  The clay he had pulled up was $11 for one color.  So we searched for an alternative and ordered.

The clay arrived Monday afternoon and B was super excited as we had expected delivery on Tuesday.  There were 36 colors, each in their own little zipper bag. They looked like little packets of taffy, soft and fluffy.

Monday evening B came to show me his first creation - a s'more.  "I even got the textures right!" 

I am a s'mores connoisseur.  I have an extensive s'mores Pinterest board.  I'm here to tell you that B's clay s'more did look like an actual s'more. I was very impressed. 

Ryan got home a little while later and I went to ask B to show Ryan his s'more.  "I already took it apart".  I guess he wasn't as impressed as I was. I would have kept that s'more forever.  But B's not like that, he's gotta keep moving and creating.  Always creating! 

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