Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mr Honesty

The last day of school is always chaotic. This year was no exception. Sam's 8th grade awards assembly and B's end of year party overlapped. Ryan could be at awards but needed to leave as soon as it was over for a meeting. Thankfully, Zac's 6th grade awards had been earlier in the week. 

I have learned that B needs someone with him at parties or special events. One year I didn't line anyone up for Grandparent's lunch. He didn't say anything that day but a month later, I heard about it. And the next year on Grandparent's lunch day, I heard about how no one came to Grandparent's lunch. The dude has an incredible memory.

So, I hatched a plan. 

Mr. Honesty on the last day of 1st grade
My neighbor, Lori, also has a daughter in B's grade. She came to the middle school, signed Zac out and took him to the elementary school to be at the party with B. After Sam's awards, I ran over to the elementary school. 

By the time I got there, the teacher had given out awards. I started to take B's picture with his award when Zac said "I already took his picture." Well then! Thanks, Zac!

B had been presented with the Honesty Award.  So right on!  Don't ask that boy a question you don't want a real answer to.  I was so touched that B's teacher had chosen to highlight that particular portion of his personality.  She took something that could be a deficit and rewarded him for it.

A couple of weeks ago B spent the night with his aunt and uncle.  His uncle made chocolate chip cookies after dinner.  B loves him some chocolate!  The next morning his aunt was in the kitchen and B was coming downstairs.  She asked him what he was doing.

"I went up to check on the boys."

"OK" she said.

Suddenly, B dropped his head "OK, OK! I'll tell you the truth.  I ate the last two cookies!"

He can't help but be honest!

Why is honesty tricky for us?

Because people confuse bluntness with honesty.  They think to be honest you also have to be rude.  But that's not true.  You can tell the truth in love.  We need to be telling each other the truth in love.  What kind of relationships do we have if we aren't telling each other the truth in love?  Superficial ones.

Most of the time, B does tell the truth in love.  Just the other night he asked Ryan if he could lay on his stomach.  "I love your big old soft belly" Without love, this is B telling Ryan he weighs too much.  In B's loving world, he's telling Ryan "I love being close to you."

It's easy to be blunt and rude.  Some people think it's fun.  They want to be rude to your face and laugh it off, "That's just who I am. Deal with it."  No thank you.  I don't want to deal with it.  I want people to be real and tell me the truth in love.  It's what God has called us to.  Real relationship with Him and each other.

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