Thursday, September 1, 2016

DIY with B, part 3

First we had the epic lollipop fail that actually turned out ok, then we had the spectacular cereal.  This morning I give you B's Pokemon environment DIY.  This one was all him.  I didn't do anything for this one.  I'll let him tell you about it.

He actually started this one at church Sunday morning.  But that one didn't go the way he wanted.  He found a stick outside and tried to glue it to the paper so it would stand up like a tree. He worked on the felt version Monday after school.  I recorded the video Tuesday morning before school. He's still in his PJs but he was hard at work finishing his project.

There are so many things that frustrate B.  Many times he get upset when things don't work the way he thinks they should.  While he was working on these three projects, he did get frustrated. But he persevered.  And the failures taught him to do something different.  He couldn't make his stick tree stand up on the first version.  On the second felt version, he put a rock behind the tree to make it stand.

But this is really true for all of us, I think.  We learn more from doing that from watching. And if we'll let ourselves, we can learn a ton from failing.  B can't stand to fail, like so many of us.  It irritates him to no end and sometimes causes a meltdown.  But when I walk along side him through his failure, he'll let me teach him something.  And he is always teaching me things!  These projects were a good reminder to me that I need to let him try more, fail more and encourage him to try again.

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