Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Losing It

Lest you, dear reader, think that I've got it all together, I am here to report that I lost it tonight (Monday).  Several stressors added up to my 'episode'.  Among them...
  • jury duty (thankfully I wasn't chosen)
  • rear ending a lady on my way home from jury duty (for real, when the light is green we move)
  • teenage boys
  • teaching a teenage boy to drive
  • pressures at work
  • feeling like I'm not good enough
  • a dog who will not leave me alone.  Mark my words, I'm going to trip over that dog and break my arm
  • living with a kiddo who's imagination is faster than his hands.  "Momma, cut this out" "Momma, glue this"
  • living with a kiddo who loves to make things from recycled materials - my house is a mess
  • allergy/sinus troubles
  • 2 day old headache
And then I think I had a hot flash. I swear, I was sweating and no one else was hot.  I hate to sweat.  I went to change my clothes and ended up dumping all this on Ryan. And then I cried.  Then I took 2 Advil and finished cleaning up the kitchen and living room.  Taking a bath and listening to music helped calm me.  

Now it's Tuesday morning and as I look back over this list, I realize many of those things are blessings. I love my boys. I love B's imagination.  I'm thankful to have a job.  I'm thankful to live in America and to participate in our democracy.  And I know that lots of those stressors are made worse by the last two.  This song always helps me re-center.  I've got it on repeat right now.  

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