Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give is a bestselling and extremely well reviewed book by Angie Thomas.  I borrowed the audiobook from our local library.  I loved listening to Bahni Turpin perform the book. 

Star Carter lives in Garden Heights, a rough neighborhood where her little brother can't go out and play.  Gangs are the norm.  Star's dad is a former gang member who now owns a grocery store in the neighborhood. 

Star and her brothers go to school at Williamson, a private prep school 45 minutes away from Garden Heights.  Star works hard to balance Garden Heights Star with Williamson Star.  Williamson Star can't use too much slang.  Garden Heights Star can't be too prissy.   

Her world screeches to a halt when she witnesses her childhood friend being shot by a white police officer during a traffic stop. Khalil was unarmed and was checking on Star when he was shot.  For a long time, Star doesn't mention Khalil's murder to her Williamson friends but the pressure weighs on her. 

Khalil's death effects everyone in Star's family . Her momma wants the family out of Garden Heights.  Her daddy wants to balance his family's safety and future with his need to help others in the neighborhood. 

This book is so well written.  I want to say that it's so real but I haven't lived a life remotely similar to Star's (except for our love and devote to family and friends). Angie Thomas' words and Bahni Turpin's voice transported me to Garden Heights with Star.   This story is so important for me to read.  I want to learn about people different from me. I want to know what other people go through.  I want to see the world through another's eyes.  I am so grateful Angie Thomas gave me the opportunity. 

You can learn more about The Hate U Give and Angie Thomas at this website from her publisher HarperCollins

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