Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Eye Exam

I decided to hold off on the post I had scheduled for today to write about Brennan's trip to the eye doctor on Tuesday.

Once upon a time, we found out that B-man had spots on his brain.  At first they thought the spots were a deadly disease called leukodystrophy that involves the disappearing of the white matter of the brain.  Thankfully, it's not that.  We went a few years without knowing what it was, just having MRIs every 6 months to make sure the spots weren't changing. A few years ago we saw a medical mystery neurologist who thinks the spots are scar tissue from a possible brain infection.  One of the spots is really close to his optical nerve so it's important for him to see an ophthalmologist instead of just an optometrist, so they can keep an eye on that nerve.

We used to go to the eye clinic at Children's.  Then we had an insurance problem for about a year.  I switched us to a new insurance that was accepted at Children's the hospital but not by the doctors inside Children's.  During this time we found Dr. Roberts in Ft. Worth. 

I really like Dr. Roberts.  He's always been awesome with B.  Well worth the hour drive to get there.  In years past he's brought out this old fashion suitcase with a thousand lenses in it.  He'd hold one up to B's eye, and look into his eye with some instrument.  In this way, he could determine B's prescription without B having to provide feedback.  Dr. Roberts is always patient and kind to B. 

This is what I expected to happen yesterday when B & I hauled our cookies to Ft. Worth.  Nope, not this time.

While we were waiting in the lobby, B asked if he could see the doctor by himself.  Why? I asked.  "Momma, sometimes you care too much." Which I took to mean that I talk too much.  After a little negotiation, we decided I could go back if I didn't talk too much.  I said I'd only answer questions the doctor asked me. 

When the nurse came to get us, B was totally in control.  She directed him, he responded and asked clarifying questions.  He followed her directions.  He was like a little man.  She talked to him about his vision and he answered appropriately.  She told him they would use a machine to try to get his prescription right.  He told her it looked like a panda bear split in half.  She was so impressed with the observation that she was going to start calling it her panda machine with other kids.   He has not been able to use the machine before.  He didn't like it on his face and couldn't respond appropriately long enough to get a good prescription. But there he was doing it like no big deal!

While I was sitting quietly being amazed at my boy, I snuck this picture of him.  He was really dialed into what she was doing and was right there with her. 

When Dr. Roberts came in B was equally engaging.  He told B he was going to check the prescription he and and the nurse had come up with.  He put the panda machine on him, set the prescription then looked into his eyes.  He declared it good and said he wouldn't have to do the lenses.  B and Dr. Roberts bantered back and forth.  Dr. Roberts told him not too look at too many girls because the more girls you look at the less money you have in your pocket.  B said he looked at plenty of girls but he didn't like any of them and that he was broke already anyways. 

B has been to LOTS of doctor's appointments in his 9 years.  Many of them did not go smoothly.   They are often long and hard.  I'm always ready for the worst.  I don't like talking about him like he's not there but it's sometimes necessary as he's not able to communicate effectively.  I was so thankful to be able to witness him in action yesterday.  It was definitely a moment of growth!

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