Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Over the past few weeks, the Bartis pet population has exploded.  On December 24th we just had our dog Cub.  Today, January 10th, we have 4 additional friends.

Each year we ask the boys to fill out a Christmas wish list.  It has three sections: momma and daddy; Santa; family and friends.  In the momma and daddy section there are 4 boxes: want, need, wear, read.  Under the 'need' category this year B wrote "pet".

I've known that he's wanted a pet of his own for a while.  He had a hermit crab but I mostly took care of it.  He really wanted to take care of an animal himself.  One of my good friend's daughter had a gerbil she wanted to give away.  At 9 pm Christmas Eve, Ryan and I picked up the newest edition to our family.  Then we almost forgot to give it to B on Christmas morning!

Here's the video of him getting it (even though my friends already made fun of my morning hair on Facebook).

He's since changed his name from Sweetie Pie to Peppermint because it's more 'boyish'.

So far so good on caring for Peppermint.  B feeds him.  We got a ball for him to run around in while we clean his cage.  I say 'we' because that part is really a two person job. Also, neither of us has actually held Peppermint.  He's a little "nippy" as B likes to say.  Good thing he'll crawl into and out of his ball on his own!

Zac decided to use his Christmas money to get an aquarium.  Honestly, I was surprised.  We were in PetSmart getting a ball for Peppermint.  Zac and Ryan started looking around.  When I found them, Ryan told me Zac wanted to get an aquarium.  I tried to talk him out of it but he wasn't having it.  He got an aquarium starter kit, heater, insert, food, water treatment, plants and 6 fish. 

Long fish story short - the first night was a fish death camp.  Only 2 survived.  Ryan & Zac spent the next two days going back and forth to PetSmart getting the water and fish and inserts right.  He now has 3 tiger fish.  He had a sucker fish that died yesterday. 

I really like how Zac's aquarium turned out.  I'm glad he didn't talk me out of it. 

This is Bubbles.  He likes to hang out in Spongebob's Pineapple.  I can't decide if he's my favorite or if the orange tiger fish Dabo is my favorite!

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