Wednesday, December 19, 2018

B-man Quick Hits

For your reading pleasure I present a few recent conversations with B-man

After I've spent a while making a 2nd type of green cookies for Grinch day (the first type were an epic fail), B comes into the kitchen to check them out.
B: but there's no green icing on them. Could we just put some green icing on them?
Me: No, I've done all I can do. Go to your room

Me: hand me those cookies so I can throw them away, they've been on the ground.
B:vegetables come out of the ground and we eat those.
Me: yes, but we wash those first
B: you can't wash cookies
Me: exactly, we're speaking the same language. I'll throw them away.
B: never mind, I'll eat them.

Me: I've put the $2 for Milk & Cookies with Santa in your bag for tomorrow
B: I'm good

B: this chapstick you put in my advent calendar is rather, I don't know, mundane
Me: well, actually it's not. If you look at it, you'll see that it's a special Christmas edition peppermint chapstick.  So, it's not mundane, it's extraordinary.

I'd heard his music playing that morning at 4:45 am, went to check on him, told him it was early and to go back to sleep, he'd answered "I am"
Me: hey buddy, I'm so proud of you for going back to sleep this morning when you woke up too early.
B: yea, I thought "If they see this, they are going to be mad"
Me: if we see what?
B: the percent on my iPad
Me: you woke up, played on your iPad then needed to charge it back up?
B: oh yea
Me: what time did you wake up?
B: 1 o'clock
Me: so you were awake from 1 am until I came in at 4:45 am
B: yea but then I went back to sleep!

You're welcome!

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