Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bad Case

Alright y'all, I'm going to be honest with you.  I have a bad case of don't want to.  I mean I don't want to do anything that involves leaving the house.  I just want to hang at the house, lay on the couch, eat junk and hang out with my boys. 

Can you relate?

I really need to get my nails done. They are grown out and super long.  They are actually making typing a pain. I usually a super fast typist but these nails are causing problems - at least 1 error every other word.  But getting my nails done requires at least an hour outside of the house and having a conversation. 

Saturday morning I got up early-ish and was getting tons of stuff done around the house.  Then I left to get my outside the house errands done.  Mercy! It was so people-y out there.  Hobby Lobby sucked my life force out of me.  All told, my errands took 3 hours.  I was so ready for nap when I got home. 

Do you feel me?

Sunday was great.  I worked at both campuses at church, took a tiny nap then had Christmas at Ryan's family.  It was so relaxed and nice that I didn't mind being out of the house ;) I love watching everyone be silly and open presents and tell stories. 

So maybe it's not the leaving the house part that's bugging me. I just don't have enough time with my people. I'm running around like crazy getting ready for Christmas and making sure they feel loved and I really just want to hang out with them.  I'm so thankful that we just have a few more action packed days before we can hang out together.  What a blessing!

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