Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Family Pictures

There is nothing I love more than pictures.  I love to be surrounded with pictures of my friends and families.  However, pictures are not so easy for B-man.  I posted an old picture of B yesterday so show how far we've come with his eye contact.  The eye contact has been challenging during photo sessions.  But, also, B struggles with his body.  He doesn't know where his body is in space.  This causes him to be a bit clumsy so he's not always sure where the photographer needs him to be.  His general silliness can get in the way. Finally, he does not have the stamina for a long drawn out photo session.  

And yet...I want good family pictures.  First thing first, I changed my definition of a good family photo.  I want pictures that show our personalities, not just how well we can pose.  Second, I've taught the older boys to smile and hold still while the photographer works with B.  You have to be at the ready when he is ready.  Finally, and the biggest thing, is to get a photographer who knows B, loves him and gets him.  For our last several photo sessions, we've used our friend Hannah.  She does a great job with B. 

Here are some of my favorites from our most recent photos...
dancing machine

the good one
the not great one - Hannah captioned this one: when you realize you're not the favorite
B meditating

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