Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Art Camp

Within minutes of meeting B, most people will tell me "Wow! He's so creative!"  His mind moves at an amazing speed.  I wish I could be inside that brain for one day but I suspect it would tire me quickly.

He is constantly creating.  His current projects include: making a cart, drawing and painting Angry Birds that I cut out and he plays with, and a play script.  Not to mention the Legos projects.  Sunday he created a 'cinema for animals' and a 'fruit factory'.  He wants to get into the Lego magazine where they feature unique creations by kids.

Last Friday afternoon his school folder contained a sign up form for Art Camp.  The Art and Spanish teachers at his school were teaming up to provide a 1 day after school Art Camp.  1st grade's camp would be Monday after school.  He really wanted to go.

My momma heart was torn - I really wanted to send him but I was super nervous.  Afternoons can be challenging for him.  The demands of the day begin to take their toll and often leads to meltdowns. This would be no ordinary afternoon.  Camp would go from 3:30 to 5:45 pm.  That's a long time in our world.  But he really wanted to go.  So I emailed the teachers to see what they thought.

this scratch art has all our family members
denoted by their initials. 
Art has been a source of frustration this year.  He's run out of class and disrupted class a few times.  His mind is creativity but his hands don't always cooperate.  His fine motor skills are not as advanced as his creative skills.  His awesome principal, Mrs. Staley, arranged for a 4th grade buddy to hang out with him in Art.  This has helped tremendously.  His buddy can do the things he can't (mostly cutting) and B is freed up to work his creative magic.

Both teachers thought it would be great if B attended Art Camp so I filled out the form and sent it in.  That particular Monday afternoon all three boys had something after school so I was able to leave right from work to go work out.  The first few minutes of my elliptical time was spent thinking about how B was doing but I reminded myself that if something was wrong, I had my phone, and I was good.

When I picked B up, his Spanish teacher brought him to the car.  "He did great!  He is so creative! That mind!"  B was so proud to show me his art work (the scratch art).  His teacher also told me that he had another piece that was drying and would be sent home tomorrow (the frog painting).

Once again, B-man amazed me.  One these days, I'll learn.

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