Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Monday began a week of state testing here in Texas.  Isn't that awesome of our state to start testing on Monday?  What this means for me is that I'm in a room some middle school kids for at least 4 hours and can not be in contact with the outside world.  Not one iota of contact.  "The use of a cell phone in any way disrupts the testing environment" kind of cut off from everything for 4 hours.  As techie as I am this usually doesn't bother me but Monday it did.

Monday was the day that B's awesome teacher started her maternity leave.

Monday was the day B would meet his long term sub.

Monday was also the day that older kids at the elementary school would be testing (not B's grade).  So his awesome principal would be busy with that.

I was more than a little nervous.  Awesome principal and I emailed a bit Friday afternoon about it.  I gave her my sister in law's phone number in case something came up.  We both agreed that we would feel better about Day 1 if it wasn't also Day 1 of state testing.

Monday morning went as you might expect a Monday morning of state testing to go.  A bit chaotic.  My principal texted to ask if I could come in early to help out.  Ryan agreed to take B to school and the bigs and I darted out of the house to the middle school.

I administered the heck out of that test Monday.  But I kept thinking about B.

After the 4 hour testing time limit, I shuffled my testers off to 5th period and turned my phone back on.

And exhaled.  No messages from the elementary school.  No messages for sister in law.  No news coverage of a frantic 911 call from a local school.  So far, so good.  Ryan and I agreed that no news was good news.

It was so nice to exhale.  I didn't realize how I'd been holding my breath all morning.

I was reminded of how often I think I'm in control of something (like B's behavior).  I must be a great source of laughter for God.  He must look down and chuckle, "There's Aimee, thinking she's got this again. If she only knew!"  The truth is that I have no idea.  God's the one with the eternal plan.  His plan will prevail.  I just think I know what I'm doing.  When I remember that, I really can exhale.  It's so relaxing.

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Paul R. Wood said...

So glad you were able to finally exhale. It is truly amazing how many of us do just hold our breath hoping nothing happens. My grad school prof used to say "We plan, God laughs." You are the best Aimee.