Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Y'all for realz, I love Jen Hatmaker!  She posted this awesome status on Facebook last Thursday (click see more to read the whole thing).

I was reminded of how my parents handled me as a young adult who thought she needed everything right this minute.  I was living in Commerce, attending East Texas State University (now Texas A&M University - Commerce).  I loved Commerce and ETSU.  But one of my sorority sisters was transferring to Texas Tech.  I had never been to Lubbock but I thought it sounded fun.  So, I called home and declared my intention to move 6 hours away sight unseen.  Very calmly my momma said, "Ok, but you need to remember that the bank of Gheen does not have a Lubbock branch."  WHAT!?! Lubbock did not sound fun enough to pay my own way.  I stayed put, finished my degree and loved every minute of it.

After ETSU, I set out for graduate school at Texas A&M University in College Station.  Ryan stayed in the Dallas area to finish his degree.  He was scheduled to graduate in December before I graduated in May. We had the great idea for Ryan to move to College Station and we would get married.  Once again, I call my momma and deliver my awesome idea.  Once again her reply was straightforward, "OK, how are you going to pay for your last semester? I only pay for degrees that have my name on them." Alrighty then.  Once again, my idea is not exciting enough to foot the bill.  We married the following year after I graduated.

We live next door to some of our best friends.  Ryan and I are friends with the parents.  Our boys are friends with their kids.  Their little girl and B are in the same grade at school and get along very well.  Yesterday I wrote about B being a social butterfly and said that we are teaching him how to interact with people.  We had to do some heavy duty work when we moved next door to our friends.  B wanted to have his friend over to play.  But he didn't want her to play with his stuff.  I've always let him have a couple of special toys that he doesn't have to share.  That day everything was special.  Nope, that's not going to work, buddy.

B packed a box and declares that he's moving.  He brings the box outside to my friend and I.   I decide to take a page from my momma's play book.

"Oh, ok.  Where are you moving to?"
"I'll figure it out."
"Ok.  You can't cook. How are you going to eat at your new place?"
"You have to teach me to cook."
"I can't do that right now, I'm visiting with Ms. Lori.  Also, you can't drive. How are you doing to get to your new place."
"Oh, alright! This is not a good plan.  I'll just stay here."

You can't always parent this way but sometimes it's fun.  Don't say no, just let them know the consequences of their actions and back away.

Adulting is hard.  Try to infuse some fun.

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