Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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Over the last month, I have had several very sweet and encouraging comments about my blog.  I appreciate them so much.  In early May, I wrote about starting to write more. My awesome friend, Laci recommended that I read Jon Acuff's book Start. I devoured it.  Acuff is easy to read and very insightful.  Plus, he's funny and funny wins the day in my life.

In Start, Acuff asserts that if you want to do something but can't devote 15 minutes a day to it, you really don't want to do it.  This hit home.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a writer.  I can remember winning a poetry contest in elementary school.  The poem was about my dog making my smile.  "He makes me smile for a mile.  He makes me grin till I am ten. I love my dog."  I did not have a dog.

I set up a little office in our garage that I would write in.  In this little office I wrote about the future of school to enter a Stuart Hall writing contest.  I mailed off my entry without thinking to keep a copy or even telling anyone I was entering.  A million years later, or maybe just 3 months, a box of school supplies arrived at my door along with a letter stating that I had received Honorable Mention in the contest.  My momma asked me what I wrote about and I couldn't remember.

Somewhere at my momma's house there's a series of stories about boy and girl twins, Fred and Rita.  Rita tried out for cheerleader.  They went to Hawaii.  They had all kinds of adventures.

I have never felt confident about my writing.  I wanted people to read it but I really didn't want them to read it.  I was afraid someone wouldn't like it.  Or that I'd have grammar mistakes.  Or I'd get corrected in some other way.  It's hard to be a perfectionist and offer your creations to the world.  So, I haven't really but much effort into my writing.  You know that ploy.  I didn't fail at writing, I just never put much effort into it to succeed.

Yet, God would not let that dream die.  He kept prompting.  He keeps bringing people to encourage me.  Laci's comments and Jon Acuff's book were just the beginning.  Ryan is so supportive.  I've received texts, emails and comments from several people encouraging me to keep going.

After reading Start, I decided I would start writing again and stick to it.  I amended my morning routine.  I started getting up 30 minutes earlier.  I make coffee, do my Bible Study then I write for 30 minutes.  I'm an overachiever.  If Acuff suggests 15 minutes, I figure I can double that!  I also set a goal of 3 blog posts a week.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a post goes up.  Last week we were on vacation so I wrote the posts ahead of time and scheduled the posts to go up without me.

It's been so enjoyable.  God has blessed that time commitment.  I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to write about everyday for 30 minutes.  I've had plenty of ideas.  I've enjoyed exploring new web tools to add to my blog.  Up there on the top left hand side, you can click those buttons to automatically share my posts to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  I also added a subscription service.  You can click the envelope to enter your email to join my mailing list.  Then you'll receive my posts in your inbox every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I love using Canva to create graphics for posts.  You can pin and share those too.

My prayer is that my writing makes you laugh and makes you think.  I pray that I'm able to reach moms and help them know that they are not alone.  Especially moms who have kids with special needs.  Maybe I've encouraged you to do something you love.  I still dream of seeing my name on the front of a book.  But that part is up to God.  I'm just gonna keep getting up early, writing and sharing.  Thank you for reading, sharing and supporting.  You have no idea who much I appreciate it.

What goals or dreams are in your heart?  What step can you take today towards that goal?  How can I help you?

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