Tuesday, August 2, 2016

High School Football begins!

Yesterday my oldest started high school football workouts.  It's a day he's been waiting for for a long time.  Our middle school starts in 5th grade.  He thought he'd be on the middle school football team in 5th grade. Sorry buddy, school sports don't start until 7th grade!

A while back, I heard for KING & COUNTRY's song Fix My Eyes and fell in love with it.  The song is about a man giving his younger self advice.  I thought, I really want my boys to know these things.  I'll make a poster, I thought.  Then I thought about his friends.  We're close with their families and I knew their families want the same thing for them.  As is usually the case,  my brain started churning with an idea.

Sunday night we had his 5 best friends and their families over for dinner.  I wanted to celebrate their first step into high school.  I wanted them to know how proud we are of them and how much we love them.  I made a ton of spaghetti (leftovers - what what!!). I made a little speech and gave the boys the posters I made.  The mommas cried.  The dads smiled.  The boys looked at me like I'm alien then gave me the slow golf clap.  I would have expected nothing less from those goobers.

I am so excited for high school football.  I love watching my boy play.  I love watching him work hard towards his goal.  I love hanging out with my friends during the games.  I love seeing our little community come together on Friday nights.

What I love more are these boys. They are good kids.  Their parents have worked hard to make sure they are good kids.  They are not perfect.  Neither are their parents.  We all know the truth of who are and who our kids are.  But more than all that, they know WHOSE they are.  We work to point them towards God.  I love them.  I am proud of them.

If you'd like a PDF of the poster, you can download it here.

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