Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thank you, JCPenney

This past Sunday morning, I was able to take B-man shopping for back to school clothes at JCPenney.  This may not seem remarkable but it truly was!

A friend shared this announcement on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited! I RSVPed for B-man, my momma (Nene) and I to go.  I was so impressed when Cydya Thomas emailed back.  Her title is Sr. Specialist Inclusion and Diversity.  JCPenney has employees focused on inclusion and diversity.  I thought that was awesome!

We would have to miss worship service that morning but we'd make it in time for small group if all went well.

And it did!!

We got there a little before 9 am.  The store opened right on time at 9.  There were employees to greet us in a friendly, nonthreatening way.  They had donuts, water and fruit snacks available.  They made sure to note on a sign that the fruit snacks were gluten free for those who have sensitivities.

No music was playing in the store.  About half of the lights were off.  It was very calming.  I had never realized how distracting all that was.  B, Nene and I went straight for the little boys section.

B picked out one shirt and he was done.  He laid down on the floor.  I kept shopping.  Ordinarily, I'd be trying to get him off the floor but this morning was different. I knew the other shoppers in the store would not care that B was on the floor.  So I let him lay there.

Nene and I picked out some things that we knew he'd wear, mostly t-shirts and athletic shorts.  I offered him some things that I thought were cute but not his usual, like some plaid shorts, and was rejected.  I did get him to try on a zip up sweatshirt.  He didn't want it at first but once he tried it on, he reported that it was 'nice and cozy'. I let him pick out two silly t-shirts.  They both have cats on them.  I am not a cat person.  I blame my neighbor Lori for these shirts.  ;)

I was so happy to buy two goofy cat shirts, though.  Ordinarily, we would not have made it to that part.  B would have melted down, I would have felt anxious, we would have left with one or two things that I grabbed off the first rack I saw.  If we bought anything at all.  Also, I would have been sweaty, and embarrassed.

Instead, I left calm, cool and collected.  B has several new pairs of shorts, t-shirts, underwear and socks.  Because JCPenney decided to think differently about their customers, we were blessed.  JCPenney gave me the luxury of time, comfort and two goofy cat shirts.  And I am so thankful.

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