Thursday, August 11, 2016


I am a world class worrier.  And it bothers me immensely.  I know all the worry platitudes:
Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow. It empties today of it's joy.

Sorrow looks back. Worry looks around. Faith looks up.

Then there's Matthew 6:25-34

I know the antidote to worry is to focus on God.  He is so very good at being God and I am not.  He knows the answers to my worry.  I forget that I am not God and I feel like I need the answer to my worries RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE.

Over the past week I've been worried about some pretty big things.  I don't want to talk about what those are because I know that most of the things that I worry about will never happen.  Yesterday was particularly hard. My stomach was upset. My head hurt.  I could not concentrate.  I have a ton of things to do for the beginning of the school year but I could not do any of them.

I took to my bed.  But instead of escaping into mindless TV or just going to sleep, I prayed.  After one prayer, I didn't feel better.  So I kept going.  I probably laid there an hour.  Praying and breathing.  I started feeling better. I got up.  I tried to do some work.

Then this morning in my Bible study this verse came up...

My temptation is to worry.  But God provides a way to face it.  It can't always be laying in my bed for an hour (oh the joy of summer!).  But He is always there.  That much I do not have to worry about!

Do you struggle with worry?  What do you do when you are worried?

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