Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stop Motion with B {videos}

In mid-February B announced that we would be making a movie as a family over Spring Break.  The Bigs were less than thrilled.  Zac danced around the subject.  Sam just outright said no.  I, of course, promised we would make the movie.

But then B announced that our movie would be animated.  Good gravy! I have no idea how to animate anything. I can't even draw.  Monday morning B I went to the library.  He got a book on animatation. The book has a lot of great projects.  Unfortunately, B wasn't loving any of the projects.  Not only that, he was mad because the book didn't tell him to do exactly what he wanted to know how to do.  In the book's defense, B is not exactly sure what he wanted to learn to do.

Tuesday morning, my uncle was visiting and B hit him up "Do you know how to make movies?"  My uncle said he knew a little.  But then B revealed that he didn't have a plan for his movie.  "You gotta have a plan" my uncle told him.  Off he runs to his room to make a plan.  He emerges with a drawing about 5 minutes later.  Not so much a plan, though.  B's frustration was growing.

I've done stop motion animatation projects with my students in the past.  I explained the process to B but he wasn't so sure.  So I decided to show him.  Here's our first movie.

Once he saw the finished product, he got excited.  We got out some construction paper and got to work on our second masterpiece.

B did get frustrated through out the process.  But he kept working.  He was engaged right up to the time when it was taking forever to upload the pictures for the second movie.  He didn't want to "help" with the iMovie portion of the birthday movie until it was time for him to sing.

I loved getting to teach him something new.  He loved bossing me around.  It was a win-win.

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