Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Butting Heads

The B-man and I are butting heads a lot lately.  It's a dangerous combination of a worn out momma and a headstrong autistic son.

At first I thought I was losing patience with him because I'd been out of town and away from him.  I had grown used to caring for myself and needed to get back into the groove of caring for him.

Let me pause here to say that I am never alone in caring for B.  Ryan, the bigs, my momma and my friends all come along side me and do a terrific job.  It truly takes a village to raise a child and I love my village!  That said, I am B's go to girl.  If there's a problem, he wants me to solve it.  Back to our story...

B's school and teachers are super creative.  This is so good for him as he is also super creative.  This is not so great for me when I am super tired (read - all of May) and just want to mail everything in. B has no idea how to 'mail in' anything.  This week they are having a Free Enterprise Day.  The kids are in groups and they've been learning about supply and demand and wants and needs.  So each group is going to set up a table and sell things to their classmates with fake money this week.

A note came home last week, or the week before I can't remember (I am so tired), explaining Free Enterprise Day and what our child has agreed to bring.  B wanted to create game boards and origami animals. Let me pause here to say that B has never in his almost 9 years on this planet created an origami animal.  We discussed it over breakfast that morning and I thought we had a plan so I signed the note and sent it back to school.

For the record, I thought we would be making tic tac toe boards and origami animals.

That afternoon at Michael's I was informed differently.  B wanted to hand craft a wide variety of board games.  Including Candy Land made with real candy.  Obviously, B didn't understand the economics at play here.  I tried to tell him he couldn't make 25 elaborate board games.  I thought we came to an understanding.  He picked out the colored poster board and we moved on.

To the origami books.  A Pokemon origami book. A book that's easiest Pokemon could be completed in 47 steps.  Not happening.  I feel compelled to mention here that I had made an unfortunate shoe choice that day and I my feet were killing me.  I was so ready to get home.  We finally settled on a beginner book and get out of Michael's.

That evening B again asserts that he's going to be hand crafting individual board games.  I reiterate that this is not what's going to happen and that he's going to make tic tac toe boards.  This goes on all week.

I try to pass this off to Ryan.  He nor B are having it.  This is a momma and B thing.

We go back and forth all week.  I proceed with the tic tac toe plan and B proceeds with his plan.

It all comes to a head Sunday evening.  I finally lose my cool and tell B I don't care what he wants this is what's happening.  He somehow recognizes that I'm on the edge and agrees.  But, he adds, it's going to be hamburger and burrito tic tac toe.  He'll draw the hamburger and burritos and I'll need to cut them all out.  NOOOOOOOO!!! Simple tic tac toe!  Simple game pieces that I already purchased at Mardel's.  For the love of pete, this is going to be simple!!

After much praying, texting my friends to pray for our family, arguing, gnashing of teeth and straight up yelling, B has 26 sets of hand drawn (not great looking) tic tac toe boards to take to school tomorrow for Free Enterprise Day.  And I need a nap.

I felt compelled to include a sweet picture of B
since I'm so over him right now. 

I keep trying to remind myself that this is really my problem and not his.  I am so thankful for my creative little man.  My stress is not his problem.  I love that he has his own ideas.  But, good gravy, sometimes I'd love for him to be able to read my social cues and know "Momma's had enough now. I better just go along".

In June, after I've slept several days in a row, I'll be so thankful that my B-man has no idea what it means to 'just go along'.

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