Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Momma

Sue Gheen is my momma.  She is The Momma.

She has taught me so much about how to be a good momma.  She is always there for me.  I am younger than my siblings so they were grown up, married and out of the house before I started high school.  In high school people would think I was an only child.  Until my nieces and nephews showed up ;).

My mom and dad did a lot with my high school drill team.  They were at everything, all the games and contests.  I'm sure I didn't tell them enough but I loved that they were there.  When I left for college, Momma made sure I had plenty of mail.   That really helped me get through those rough, home sick times.

Momma is so generous! If she has something she thinks you want or need, it's yours. We rarely go to her house and leave empty handed. Lots of times, we leave with food. She's an amazing cook. She can make up a recipe and it will be delicious!  Just the other day she texted me "Made the best stir-fry today. Can't wait to cook it for you guys". She always thinking of us!

But, I did not realize the depth of my love for my mom until I became a mom.  When I started caring my for boys, I leaned on her to help me know what to do.  She's always so good at helping me without being too bossy.

Sue Gheen is also the best Nene.  She's Granny to my nieces and nephews.  But Sam had a little speech impediment so Granny became Nene.  She didn't sweat it.  She embraced being Nene and Granny.  She didn't try to make Sam feel bad or try to get him to say Granny instead.

She's as involved with my boys as she was with me.  She's at their games and special events.  Or she's keeping B-man at home so I can enjoy their games.  Last week she went on a field trip with B-man.  I couldn't go because it was during state testing and I had to be at work.  Yesterday she went to Zac's National Junior Honor Society induction.  I was supposed to be there but I was home with B, he was sick.

I pray my boys love me as much as I love my momma.  I hope I'm as good a mom to them as she is to me.

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