Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tide Pools, not tadpoles

Sometime last week, B became very interested in (read: obsessed with) tide pools.

He created a couple of tide pool habitats in a plastic boxes and left them on the kitchen table.

He asked me if we could go to a tide pool.  I assumed he was talking about a wave pool and said "Yes!" enthusiastically.  Then he started talking about all the different animals we could see and touch there and I had to retreat.  And by retreat I mean, search tide pools on Google.

For those who don't know, like me, tide pools occur near oceans during low tide.  The tide moves out and leaves a rocky pool filled with sea creatures.  We live in North Texas.  Another Google search of "tide pools near me" informed us that the closest tide pool to us is in California.

Nope, kiddo, not going to California.

Undeterred, B started asking all our friends if they had tide pool experience with mixed results.  One sweet momma is from California by way of Spain. She had lots of tide pool experience! Including memories of her daddy getting sea urchins from a tide pool for them to eat.  She told B how they were a delicacy but very expensive so her daddy would go catch them himself.

Another hilarious exchange happened with our friend Mahlee.  She couldn't quite understand what B was saying.  She thought he was saying tadpoles.  She told B there were tadpoles near her parent's home in our town.  B got very excited until Mahlee's sister, Hannah, informed her that he was saying tide pool, not tadpoles.  Disappointment and hilarity abounded.

Thankfully, we were able to curb B's tide pool obsession on Monday by visiting the Dallas Children's Aquarium!  They have a touchable tide pool exhibit.  It's the first thing in the door.

B washed up and started exploring everything! The aquarium worker started tell him about the animals and he started spouting his own knowledge.  Eventually, she just started asking him questions.  I'm sure she learned a thing or two!

He was on cloud noun the entire visit.  He ran from case to case squealing about the animals.  He probably took 75 pictures with his iPad.  One family was trying to video on of the fishes but will find instead that they videoed a B-man talk on that fish.

The aquarium also has a stingray touching and feeding area.  B loved that as well.  He and I started petting the stingrays immediately before Ryan and the big boys had even made it to the area.  B did no walk anywhere in the aquarium!

B even fed the stingrays.  I was amazed!

We had such a great time at the aquarium.  It filled my heart with joy to see B so excited.  I loved watching him snap pictures and share his excitement with his brothers!

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