Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Last week I was able to attend the Orange Conference 2017.  I traveled to Atlanta with the 4 children's ministers and 4 preschool ministers from our church.  I love Orange because their strategy is to bring the heart of the home, represented by the color red, together with the light of the church, represented by the color yellow, to impact the next generation for Christ.

Orange this year was challenging.  Not in a bad way, though.  I mean we did have some rocky moments.  We missed our flight to Atlanta because we were trying to get to the airport during a hail storm.  At the end of a very long day, I wanted nothing more than a gigantic Sprite.  After taking one sip, our Steak n Shake waiter promptly knocks it over onto me, my phone, Kyle and his phone.  Lesson here: don't leave your phone on the table.

No, Orange was thought provoking.  The theme was "For our neighbors".  How can we go into our neighborhoods and represent Christ?  How can we help our neighbors know Christ?  How can the church lead racial reconciliation? Here are some things that really made me think, quick hit style.  I've tried to credit the speaker on each thought...

  • Do something you don't have to do.  Reggie Joyner
  • Christians should lead the way to inviting everyone to the party. Reggie Joyner
  • Start a party to prove that people matter more than our opinions.  Reggie Joyner
  • God is into people so, we can not be wrong with our brothers and right with God. Andy Stanley
  • Your love for God is demonstrated and authenticated by your love for His people. Andy Stanley
  • Disability doesn't disqualify you from serving.  Megan Wall
  • No one asks you to work on what you most need to do. Carey Nieuwhof
  • God hasn't exhausted your call, you're just exhausted. Carey Nieuwhof
  • Be intentionally kind. Ryan Leak
  • Ask the people who serve you how you can pray for the them. Ryan Leak
  • Don't trust anyone who gives you advice that rhythms. Bob Goff
  • Love everyone. Always. Bob Goff
  • If you hold a grudge long enough, it will start holding you. Jud Wilhite
  • If you don't let God transform your pain, you will transmit it to others. Jud Wilhite
  • Love the people you lead. Doug Fields
  • Busyness is a badge of brokeness.  Doug Fields
  • Busy is the enemy of neighborly. Doug Fields

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