Thursday, February 1, 2018


My daddy was a collector.  He collected pocket knives.  He had a large curio cabinet full of them.  Daddy also collected pens.  And books - he loved Time Life books.  Maybe it was that he liked to shop.  He did love to order things off TV commercials - Jimmy Houston fishing glasses, a sandwich maker that made triangle shaped hot pockets, a piece of metal that thawed meat quickly and would melt an ice cube (that one he tried to get me to give my momma for Mother's Day - it did not end well).

Daddy also collected watches.  This Christmas Momma decided to give each of his grandsons one of his watches.  She let me pick which one Brennan would receive.  I picked one that he received as a Safety Award from Spring Valley Construction.

I can remember Daddy working for 3 construction companies during my life.  Spring Valley was the first I remember.  I really liked their green SV logo.  I was so proud every time I saw that SV on job sites around town.  Truth be told, I still do.  It makes me proud to think of all the buildings he help build.  And I'm proud of the way he treated those who worked with him.

Daddy's Spring Valley watch does work.  Momma tried to have it fixed but it basically needs to be rebuilt.  I told her it's not worth the money.  I keep it the watch on my bedside table.

My daddy has been dead 18 years today.  I miss him.  I'd really love to hug him some more.  I love how small I look in all our pictures together.  He was tall and just covered me up with his hugs.  When I put on his watch, I remember how big he was.  I love that the watch is a Safety Award.  He always made me feel safe.

Sometimes I can feel his hugs when Sam gives me a big hug.  They are very similar.  Gentle giants.  I actually see my daddy in all 3 of my boys.  Zac has his wry wit.  Quiet but sneakily funny.  B has his curiosity.  My daddy never stopped learning.

I miss him but I'm so thankful for the time I had with him.  I am thankful for his legacy that lives on through my boys.  And I'll always be proud when I see that SV logo.

Just for fun, here are some fun pictures of me and Daddy.  He worked in Denmark during my senior year in college.  One picture is the two of us at the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen.  The second is in Sweden.



Paul R. Wood said...

So is this a 6 degrees of separation moment? My father worked for Masonry by Boggs Company and they did ton of brickwork around the metroplex. They also did a lot of work with Spring Valley Construction Company. I worked for the brick company during the summers and off times. I do the same thing as I drive around Dallas by pointing out the buildings I worked on with my dad. Who knows? Our fathers may have worked on some of the same buildings.

Thank you Aimee!

Aimee Bartis said...

Paul! I would bet they did work together! What a small world