Tuesday, September 11, 2018

7 on 7

I'm going to brag on my big boys ("The Bigs") today! Y'all know we are football crazy around here.  But in the spring we were deep in throws of baseball mania.  I was kinda thankful for a weekend break from baseball for 7 on 7 football. 

In case you aren't familiar with 7 on 7...

It's a strange set up in that the boys play for their high school team but their high school coaches can't coach them.  Ryan and his brother in law coached them.  They are a dynamic coaching duo (in my opinion), Ryan coaches the defensive and his brother in law coaches the offense.  When the boys have played in the past, the center didn't actually hike the ball, he just tossed it to the quarterback.  So, Sam didn't play at first.  Zac, my nephew and another one of his friends did get to play with the high school boys - they had just finished 8th grade.  

They played a tournament in May and won it! This qualified them for the State 7 on 7 Tournament in College Station in June.  Sam got to join the team because they were actually hiking the ball.  I was working at pre-teen camp so I missed it. But Ryan and the Bigs had a great time.  

Ryan & Zac

The tournament is sponsored by Adidas so the boys got some big time swag.  They were so excited about that! As you can see by Sam's jersey, the Adidas people obviously didn't expect many lineman.  

The team won 3 games on day 1 and lost their first game on day 2.  They were the first team in our school's history to make it to the state tournament.  I hate that I missed it but my uncle got to come watch and that meant a lot.  I can't wait to see them in action again next Spring. 

The Bigs and Da

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