Wednesday, September 5, 2018


B-man was old enough to go to church camp this summer.  Two years ago he went to mini-camp and had a good time.  Last year mini-camp was super mini and a bit more rough. He went back and forth on going to pre-teen camp but in the end, decided he wanted to go.

Ryan and I thought it would be best to ease into camp.  So we decided that B would go with the group on the first day, spend the first night in the cabins then go home after worship the second day.

To prep B, I made a schedule of what would happen while he was at camp.

Before we leave for camp, we are at church quite a while to get everyone checked in and ready to go.  We decided that Ryan would bring B towards the end of that time so he wouldn't get overwhelmed by all the noise and chaos.

When he arrived at church, B met up with his community group and started having fun right away.  I, on the other hand, was a mess.  I had been nervous all day.  When I took B to his group, I walked off and could not stop crying for some reason.  I eventually was able to get myself together and get on with my job.  =)

B rode the bus to camp with his CG and generally went about his business like the rest of the kids.  I tried to steer clear as much as possible.

The first night of camp we have a carnival.  B was no thrilled with the carnival.  He and I ended up sitting on the sidewalk, drawing.
He did hit a snag at Rec Time the next day. It was hot and he wasn't liking it. I happen to be at the rec fields at the same time. I tried to give him some space, I wanted to let his counselor handle it.  I did end of talking to him for a bit. He wanted to go home right then.  I told him what time Dad was coming and said he'd have to wait with his group until then.  Then I passed him back to his very able counselor and left.  He ended up being fine until Ryan got there!

As usual, the things I worried about didn't happen. He did a great job in worship (with headphones) and in the cabins.  Apparently he was quite anxious to get to turn off the lights! He woke up once in the night and cried out but his counselor was able to talk to him and he went right back to sleep.
When it was time to leave, he was ready and exhausted but excited to give camp a try again next year.  Our plan is to add another night next year and keep building!
I snuck this picture of B praying with his Community Group.  This is what it's all about!

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