Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Depression & Anxiety

I'm pretty open with my battles with depression and anxiety.  The depression has been with me since high school.  Anxiety is a relatively new development, it stuck around after B-man's initial illnesses at 6 months old.

Anyway, I struggle.  I function pretty well most of the time.  I'm a good faker.  Or maybe I'm not, I don't see what you all see.  But there are days when it definitely feels like a battle. I get up, go to work and live life but I don't have the luxury of staying in my bed.  It can be a battle.  When we're at battle it's important to know who the enemy is and what his tactics are. 

This past Sunday, one of our co-pastors, Randy Wade preached on anxiety, fear and depression.  His sermon was wonderful.  As Randy says at the beginning, I felt like he's been reading my mail.  My brain is hardly ever quiet.  Most of the time that's a good thing, it's a creative thing.  It's where I work out my words. But sometimes it's destructive.  I let my thoughts and emotions distract me from the truth. 

I'd like to share Randy's sermon with  you. If you, or someone you care about, struggles with anxiety, fear or depression, it is well worth your time.  I pray that you are helped by it.

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