Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hello there!

Hi friends! Can you believe it's September already? I personally can not. I find I say that every month though..."Oh, it's May. I can't believe it's already May" Then I take a nap and it's September.

Thank you for indulging me my break.  I don't mind telling you that when last we spoke, I was completely exhausted.  I slept a lot in June.  I'd go to work, come home, sleep, cook dinner and go back to bed.  I think a lot of it was the usual end of the school year exhaustion.  I usually hibernate for a couple of days when school gets out.  I wasn't able to do that this year since my new job didn't end when school got out.

My break was a good lesson for me.  To step back, rest and recalibrate.  I'm not a good quitter so it was hard to not write for y'all for 3 months.  But it was renewing and good for my soul to rest. 

I'm semi-rested now and ready to tackle the fall! New students, new teachers, new schedules and FOOTBALL! Football is my favorite! I love football!

It's still 112 degrees here in Texas but it's Fall y'all and I'm excited!

I do have some summer stories to share with you before we dive into the fall leaves.

Let's get back into our routine Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday posting routine. I'll see you tomorrow with a B-man summer story!

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