Thursday, May 2, 2019


Funny, unrelated stories from our B-man

He and my mom were driving through her neighborhood.  One street was particularly crowded with cars parked on both sides of the street.  Nene was frustrated and complaining about it.
B says to her, "you do the same thing when you come to my house."  She parks on the street at our house.

B & I are working on his math homework. The work involves reading a chart and interpreting the data.  Several questions asked about outliers.  B & I have different definitions of outliers.  I finally get him to agree to my definition.  I even tell him I've read an entire book about outliers so he can trust me.   One question asks him to explain why he thought the outlier was an outlier.  He wrote, "because it's not part of the group, it's alone. This is my mom's opinion". He told me he wrote "This is my mom's opinion." in case I'm not right.

B goes into the bathroom after being asked to brush his teeth.  He comes out a short time later to the sound of flushing.
Me: did you brush your teeth?
B: ummmmm yes
Me: are you sure?
B: (no hesitation) sorry no, I only peed
He's a truth teller!

Our district offers Autism Awareness shirts and people who buy them wear them on 2 particular days.  B wears his shirt.  They call everyone to the office to take a photo.  B's not interested.  The principal asks him to go, he says no.  She asks him if he'll take a picture with her.  He agrees but says "but don't send that to my mom"

Me: are you nervous about your test (state standardized writing test) tomorrow?
B: about 50% nervous

One of the elementary school teachers flew a drone at field day and B got to check it out.
B: I was surprised that it was Mr. S.  I thought it would be the French"
Me: Oh, do the French fly drones?
B: Yes, it's a very French thing to do along with drinking wine and eating baguettes.

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