Wednesday, May 8, 2019


One of favorite left over phrases from the 90s and my most used bitmoji is

I've always understood that WORD means yep!/oh yeah! I looked up the origins of it and found out that it came out of prison culture and is short for "my word is my bond".  So it really means "YES! I'm telling the truth!" Man, I love that!

Yesterday I wrote about a sign we have under our TV.  This made me think about all the words all over my house.  I had a weird realization that I love words.  What a dumb realization.  I'm a writer, of course I love words.

I really love the power of words to remind us of who we are.  Or perhaps I should say, who we want to be.  When I'm busy or under stress my lizard brain takes over and often I make choices that I'm not happy with. Choices that don't align with who I want to be.

So, I surround myself with words to remind me of who I am and who I want to be.  I have words on my computer. I have words on my skin.  I have words all over my house, I decorate with them.  Same principle as yesterday's sign - we talk about these things a lot but I'm hope seeing the words digs them deep into our subconscious.

This my favorite group of words in our home.  The first time we looked at the house, I knew I wanted to put in a banquette and large table in the kitchen dining area.  I wanted it to be a hub in our home.  On the wall behind the table I wanted something unique.  I found the word FAMILY.  But it wasn't enough.  Then, I found a place online that would cut your words out of wood.  I asked each person in our family to think of one word to describe our family and had those words cut out.  I painted each word a different primary color (primary colors are my favorite) and then did a light coating of gold over each one.  I wrote each person's name on their word.

This is a small sampling of other words around out house. I especially love our window pane with our family motto on it - Show God's Love.

With all these words, I'm saying WORD! These words are the truth about me and my family.

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