Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It's Personal

The theme of #OC19 was It's Personal.  All of the main stage speakers used the theme as starting point. 

Jon Acuff had my favorite quote on the topic

Reggie Joyner presented 5 questions that will change a kid's life if you know the answer:
1. Do you know my name?
2. Do you know what matters to me?
3. Do you know where I live (how they live)?
4. Do you know what I've done?
5. Do you know what I can do?

Over and over we heard examples of how Jesus knew the answers to these questions about the people he served.

The questions have great application for me.  Of course, I need to know these things about the kids I serve. But also my volunteers.  However, the situation that stayed on my mind was school, the kids that come into the library. 

Many times the kids that like to spend time in the library are looking for a place to fit in.  Sometimes they are quiet, reserved or withdrawn. They need to know that they are worthy.  The library, the people who work in it, can be that place for them. 

My job is going to change next year and I'll serve all four of our district's library.  I will also work with an instructional aide at each campus.  I plan to share these 5 questions with them.  We can not know the answers for every kid on campus.  But we can, and should, know the answers for the kiddos who spend the most time in our libraries. 


Paul R. Wood said...

Aimee, once again the questions you posted all have to do with relationship. I still see faculty AND staff members not working toward relationship with people , both students and adults. Many times students are starving for a connection. I worry about those that would rather be at school than at home. All good points to remember. Too often we are the best thing that happens to people all day. More to think about.

Thank you.


aimee said...

You are absolutely correct Paul! When I'm walking in the halls, I try to remember to look at and say hello to every kid. You never know if that will be the only time an adult will talk to them that day.